What We Believe

What We Believe

The Scriptures

We believe that the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments represent the full record of God’s written revelation to man. Different men of God moved by the Holy Spirit have written according to their own styles and personalities the Word of God as He intended. Therefore, Whoever studies the books of the scriptures and the passages in their context can accurately understand God’s Word and His revelation to man. Scripture is fully trustworthy and is a sufficient authority for all conduct of life (2 Timothy 3:16–172 Peter 1:20–21) and for understanding the gospel of Christ.


The Triune God

We believe in the Holy Trinity in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as three distinct persons. Yet they are ONE and always in agreement.


God the Father

We believe God the Father created all things for His glory according to His own will through His Son, Jesus Christ. He upholds all things by the Word of His power, exercising sovereign headship over all creation.


God the Son

We believe that the eternal Son Jesus Christ moved by love in accordance with the will of the Father, became human flesh (John 1:11418). He was conceived through the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He, becoming fully man, lived a life without sin and shed willingly His blood and died as a perfect sacrifice on the cross in our place accomplishing redemption for all who willingly believe in Him. Three days later, He was risen bodily and visibly from the dead and later ascended into heaven and exalted to the Father’s right hand. He is the Head of His Body the Church, the only Saviour and Mediator between God and man. He will return to earth in power and glory to accomplish the rest of the prophecies and establish His Kingdom on earth.


God the Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit as the third person of the GodHead. He glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ during this age. He convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He draws men to repentance and faith, and at justification imparts new spiritual life to the believer, bringing that person into fellowship with Christ and with the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit sanctifies, fills, guides into all truth, comforts, empowers and bestows spiritual gifts to the believer, all to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.



We believe the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for our sins on the cross according to the Scriptures, as the substitutionary atonement in our place. Salvation is found in none other than Jesus Christ, the only name by which we can be saved. His death on the cross was the only and full offering and payment for our sins, fully satisfying God’s righteous wrath, for each person that willingly turns from sin in true repentance and places their faith in Christ alone. Upon justification, each person is made a new creation in the Holy Spirit and declared righteous before God.

Generally, we believe that a Christian is someone who went through 4 steps (not necessarily in chronological order):

– Repentance (changing one’s mind about sin and turning away from a lifestyle of sin)

– Believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the saviour of the world through His redemptive work by His death on the cross His burial and resurrection (victory over sin and death)

– Baptism in water by immersion as an expression of a repentant faith and for the remission of sins

– Receive the Holy Spirit (born again)

After justification, we believe in the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us and bring us more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. We, as born-again Christians, are called into a life of holiness, standing by faith in Christ, and producing fruit in keeping with repentance. We endure with the Lord Jesus Christ until the end to be saved.


The Church

Upon placing faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour, the believer becomes part of the Body of Christ, the universal Church of which Jesus Christ is the Head. Believers also gather locally and devote themselves to fellowship, prayer, worship and teaching of the Word, fellowship. Every believer services the local body through the development and use of talents and spiritual gifts, and outreach to make disciples of all nations.