Works of the Law VS Good Works

Good works VS works of the Law – The Bible mentions the word “works” many times and there is a lot of confusion about this when it comes to salvation. What do “works” mean? What kind of works are acceptable to God? Are they necessary for salvation? This article will attempt to answer these questions from the Bible. May the Lord open our ears to hear!


Many Christians today don’t really understand what it means to repent. But what does the bible say about repentance? What does repentance mean? Is it optional for salvation? Is keeping repentance after being born again a work based salvation? This article will answer these questions from the Word of God.

By Grace Through Faith

Salvation By Grace Through Faith – The Bible from the Old Testament to the New speaks about faith as a means by which we attain salvation. It is called salvation from faith to faith. But after the Lord Jesus came, what does it mean to be saved through faith? This article will answer that question. May the Lord open our ears to hear and understand the true meaning of Faith!

Salvation By Grace

Salvation By Grace, what does it mean? Christianity is different from all other religions because of the uniqueness of this point of theology. In this article, I want to expand on this point of theology that makes the Christian faith unique and that is “Salvation by Grace”.

What Is Sin

Sin has always been something that is implicitly connected to the human race and we deal with it every day. Even though we might not call it “sin”, the wrong things we do each day as we make choices are connected to the way we deal with our conscience. There is obviously a problem with the world we live in, from the destructive human behavior and turning good inventions for bad motives, to individual crimes of theft, rape and murder.

Assurance of Salvation

As Christians, many times during our lifetime we struggle with the question of salvation, and we should. In the New Testament, it is clear that this world is not all there is. Not only it is temporary but it is in a bad fallen state because of our rebellion from the beginning. But God predestined a way to be reconciled to Him and that is through His Son Jesus Christ.