Doctrine Study

Doctrine Study

My Personal Study of Doctrines

In this section, I thought it would be good to study different doctrines and put my thoughts down for you, dear reader and seeker of the truth. I believe the Bible is perfect. Therefore, if we have the right approach, we will get to a proper understanding of the truth and the sound doctrine of the Christian faith. As I said many times on this website, it is extremely important to understand that the Bible is not one book, but a collection of different books. Each book is written for a specific purpose, by a specific author, to a specific people. We have to properly understand the historical context surrounding each book or letter. Doing this will allow us to understand the context and then properly understand how each verse fits into this context.

By understanding how each verse fits in its context, we can then assemble each of the verses pertaining to a certain subject or theme (example baptism in water) and extract out the global truth touching the particular theme we wish to study. If the Bible is God’s inspired Word, all verses should and will fit beautifully as a big puzzle. 

For doctrines, it is important to pull all verses pertaining to the doctrine we wish to study. Normally, there are always two positions, one for and one against the doctrine. All verses for and against should be gathered for a proper study of doctrine. If you wish to see how I do this, please visit this page for more details: How to study doctrine

I will put down different studied doctrines down below. Each will be a link that will direct you to the proper study for the particular doctrine. May the Lord be first in everything. 

If there is something you don’t agree with, please feel free to leave comments or even use the contact page.

May the Lord bless your quest for truth!