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This website aims at building a relationship with the LIVING Lord Jesus Christ by coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

With this purpose in mind, I hope to:

  • encourage you to repent to God, believe in His Son Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit (if you are an unbeliever);
  • bring you one step closer to the true faith by studying and explaining the Word of God (if you are a believer on the way of salvation); 
  • help you study the arguments coming from opposing sides and filter out false/deceiving doctrines (if you are confused about doctrine); 

I want to accomplish this by sharing with you, dear reader and seeker of the truth, that which I have learned through many years of studying the Bible. After my conversion, I encountered many controversial doctrines that would throw me off-guard and discourage me from following the Lord in purity and simplicity. Being the sceptical person that I was, things needed to make sense and be rationally acceptable. Let’s remember that Jesus wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind.  Almighty God is not the author of confusion. 

God also desires all of us to maintain the unity of the Spirit until we attain a unity of the faith. To come to this unity of the faith, we first have to lay aside any preconceived way of thinking and learned doctrine. This is hard at first, but it is needed so that scripture is read without bias. We can’t hind behind a pastor or rely on others for our salvation. We have to spend time in the Word and let the scriptures speak for themselves. We have to learn to read OUT of the scriptures instead of reading INTO them what we want them to say in order to make them fit with some preconceived idea. Being a true Christian is a matter of coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH, believing in and obeying the words of Jesus Christ. 


Get the “Outline of the Way”


The “Outline of the Way” is a simple document laying down different stages and events identifying the narrow way of salvation.

This two page document will help you, dear reader and seeker of the truth, understand the general progression of a human life from the spiritual perspective of God.

outline of the way

It is clear from the New Testament that there is a progression in the path of salvation and workings of God in a human life. This progress on the narrow path is similar to the Christian allegory written by John Bunyan called “The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World, to That Which is to Come”.

Understanding the process will help you apply the scriptures where they are intended on the “Outline of the Way” in a simple way. It will also shed light on the New Testament and how it is to be interpreted as only one theme of salvation

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I pray that this simple document will help you, dear reader, understand where you are in your Christian walk. That way you will have the proper response to the workings of God in your life as you continue on your journey with Christ from this world that which is to come.